Natural and Beautiful Wedding Photography

I cover and document weddings very naturally in a creative story telling style. Un-posed and beautiful.

I love being a photographer and love weddings so the two are a perfect match.

I love capturing natural images that have real emotion and meaning, it’s all about the moments and the moments in between the moments. I want to capture the atmosphere of the day and tell the story of your wedding so that you can re-live it through my photographs. I will record the happiness you and your guests felt on the day, the joy, the laughter; and also the emotion and the tears, all beautifully documented. I will pretty much tell you to ignore me and the camera so that you can focus on your celebration and each other, this is when the true moments happen.

Natural Devon Wedding Photography

I always love the moments that can unfold during a ceremony, here a very natural moment with the Bride and Groom exchanging their vows. I love the fact that we have Mum on one side behind the Bride, and then the Best Man on the other side behind the Groom.

So it’s all about capturing these moments naturally and anticipating when these may happen and of course making sure I’m in the right place. I then want to make sure that I make a creative photograph with a clever composition to give the image and the moment as much beauty as I possibly can. It’s quite hard to explain how this actually happens for me, I guess it’s almost instinct which comes with years and years of practice and experience, combined with the continual pursuit to better my photography.

I’m always looking for light and using it to my advantage to give your images impact.  I love using layering effects, leading lines and being as creative as I can with the composition so to keep your eyes moving around an image.

Creative Wedding Photography Devon

Here the Bride and Groom’s son notices me whilst they are having a blessing- I quickly re-focus on him with the Bride and Groom kneeling in the background. The composition of leading lines, layering, depth of field and thirds keeps your eyes moving around the image and it is telling a story at the same time.

Of course I totally understand that you will want some formal shots and I’m very happy to do this and anything else that you may want, it is your day. Most couples have around 10 formal group shots and I will always ask for a list so that we can move through these as quickly as possible, meaning you can get on with celebrating your day.

I really want my shots to be fun too, this is so important as it is such a fun and happy occasion and I will make sure that I document this too. Your guests are so important I know and I want to capture as many images of them as well in a natural and fun environment.

Devon Wedding Photographer

I love this shot for pure joy- I may have been a little lucky with the way all the hands fell into place, but I always like to think that you can create your own luck;)

I will always have a little walk with the two of you to create some natural beautiful portraits. Usually 15 minutes is long enough, but I am very happy to go for longer if you wished, just not for 2 hours!

Devon Wedding Photographer

I may chat a little with you during some portraits of the two of you, but it’s about making you feel relaxed as opposed to posing you, so that I can get some real moments of joy and connection between the two of you.

Best Devon Wedding Photographer

Landscape photography is another huge love of mine and I get great pleasure with using beautiful scenic backdrops to produce creative portraits of the two of you.

If you’re having a Summer wedding it can be lovely to pop off for another quick mooch perhaps after food to grab some low light shots too and perhaps a sunset- these can be really special!

sunset wedding photography

I love my colours and I try and give really punchy and vibrant, yet still very real, colour reproduction in my images. Of course I love black and white photography too and you can read more about my editing and wedding collections over here on my collections page.

I am un-obtrusive, calm and gentle whilst at the same time being very friendly and warm to all your family and guests. Have a little look at what past couples have to say on my testimonials page here and get more of a feel of who I am over on my Facebook page here.

I am totally committed to you and your wedding and to providing you with a creative collection of images that you can treasure for years and years to come.  I continue to seek inspiration and to better my photography and business. I love being a wedding photographer.

If all sounds good so far then do have a little look at my collections page here and you can contact me here to see if I am still available for your wedding, I do hope so.