To tell the full story of your day, my main collection is for 8 hours of photography. This usually covers bride/groom preparations through to the first dance. You can have me as long as you wish though, if you are wanting me there into the evening or an earlier start both are totally fine. I do also offer a more bespoke collection of less hours for out of season, mid-week weddings and other occasions.

Best Devon Wedding Photography

All my collections include a USB stick with all your images in high resolution JPGs format, meaning you can print to A0 and beyond if you wish, with full re-production rights.

I also provide all of these images in black and white high resolution JPGs as well so you can choose between colour and black and white.

You also receive a slideshow of all your images, which is where you should begin your re-living of the day over a glass of something nice.

Off an 8 hour collection I provide you with approximately 600 images, although this can often be closer to 800- I don’t limit the number that I give you, you get everything that I deem as good- no eye shut photographs or wrongly caught expressions.

You then have the option to add an album and I use one of the best album producers in the world which comes with many options. They are the original designers of the coffee table book style of album with the images printed directly onto the page.

I can also provide a more traditional album with prints and mounts and can show you samples of each during a meeting.

I edit and go through every single image from your day personally. About 2500 images! No batch processing, no out sourcing in India or America, all done in house by me, meaning I have full control from the start to the finish and can see the image through from when I took it to how I wanted it to look at the final stage. The final product is what it is all about so I will never rush anything through and my turnaround is 4-6 weeks after your wedding.

I like to give really punchy and vibrant colours, whilst still keeping them very real, combined with high contrast resulting in high impact images. I shoot using Nikon D750’s which are highly regarded as the best digital SLR ever produced (until the next new camera produced!) They are amazing in low light conditions, super fast focusing, great colour re-production and much smaller than my old D3s which I was using.

Most couples will happily book me in for their wedding with out the need to meet up, but of course I am still very happy to meet if you wished. I will always then meet my couples before their wedding day for a coffee and good chat to all get to know one another more, whilst discussing your wedding day.

For my latest full pricing and collection details please contact me here.