Best Wedding Photography 2016- Devon and UK

Best Wedding Photography Devon UK

Best Wedding Photography 2016- Devon and UK

Wow, another year gone and what an amazing one 2016 was!

I am so grateful as always, for all the couples who trusted me to be their wedding photographer. A huge massive thank you goes out to all my couples for letting me in to their lives to capture and tell the story of their wedding day. I absolutely love that I am able to do what I do and it’s all down to you, so thank you.

I’ve met some of the most incredible people this year, laughed very hard, made good friends and loved every minute of it’s journey. I’ve shared in so much joy, laughter and emotion and again I feel so privileged to be trusted by every single couple that I have the pleasure to meet.

Highlights of this year, well we have just returned from a wonderful adventure which took us to the other side of the world with a wedding and Christmas in New Zealand, via Thailand and Singapore. A perfect way to end the year and share amazing experiences with my family, although feeling a little cold now back in the UK!

I am thrilled and excited to make it through to the finals of the South West Wedding Awards for Best Reportage Wedding Photographer in the South West, winners to be announced at the awards ceremony late January, so another enormous thank you to all the couples that voted for me to get me this far.

2017 is going to be just as amazing I know and can’t wait to photograph all the weddings I have booked in for this year. I have some big exciting plans this year too, so watch this space!

Here we go, a little look back at 100 of my favourite moments and photographs from 2016…

Best wedding photographer in DevonBest wedding photography in DevonWedding photographer in DevonNatural wedding photography in DevonStunning wedding photography in DevonBeautiful wedding photography in DevonBride and Groom kissing in DevonBride and groom on the beach in Devon_EAV019.jpg_HAB3724.jpg_OAW402.jpg_HAS5160 1.jpg_VAC0243.jpg_LAM1257 2facebook.jpgRAL343.jpgJAP191.jpgJAS032.jpg_CAV0050.jpgHAP248.jpg_IAR1156.jpgJAS206facebook.jpg_SAN4053.jpgJAP144.jpgHAP158.jpg_EAV060.jpg_HAB3814.jpg_HAS4494 4.jpgRAL362.jpg_EAT1358.jpg_DAS3266 1facebook.jpgHAP117.jpg_EAV055.jpgJAS639b.jpg_HAB3575.jpg_VAC1828.jpg_HAB4059.jpg_HAS4928.jpg_HAS5040 1.jpgRAL446.jpgJAS339.jpg_HAB3112.jpg_EAV018.jpg_LAM8336 1facebook.jpg_HAB3705.jpg_JAK5407.jpg_IAR0919.jpg_EAV059.jpg_HAB3909.jpg_SAN4433 2.jpg_VAC1483.jpgNAA369.jpg_SAN2286.jpg_TAA8846.jpgRAL168.jpg_HAB5257 1.jpg_EAV074.jpg_IAR1308 2.jpgHAP253.jpg_VAC0421.jpg_EAT0440 1.jpg_CAV0106.jpg_OAW158.jpg_SAN2105 2facebook.jpg_SAN3387.jpg_VAC0083 1.jpg_RAL3842.jpg_MAE6447.jpg_JAK4186.jpg_VAC2185 2.jpg_EAT1769.jpg_DAS2582 1.jpg_LAA5572 2.jpg_LAA6981.jpg_EAT2188.jpgNAA203facebook.jpg_HAS6227 1.jpg_MAE6187 1-A.jpg_FAE2988.jpgNAA414.jpg_EAV005.jpg_HAS5191.jpg_HAB5368.jpg_HAS4497 3.jpg_HAB3893.jpg_SAN3594.jpg_SAN1702.jpg_SAN1977.jpg_MAR6304 1.jpg_EAV034.jpg_EAT1786.jpg_LAA7127.jpg_OAW368.jpg_MAR7478.jpg_VAC2561 1.jpg_OAW382.jpg_RAL3126.jpg_HAB3587.jpg_LAA6688 1.jpg_EAV077.jpg_VAC1648.jpg_SAN4296.jpg

To have a more detailed look back at weddings I photographed in 2016 have a look through my blog page.

You can also pop over to my Facebook page to see what else I’ve been up to or my twitter page here.

To read a more in depth view on my approach and style, pop over to my approach page.

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  1. Erik January 22, 2017 at 11:28 pm #

    Job well done Will!

    • admin January 23, 2017 at 10:36 am #

      Thanks Erik :)

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