Barn Wedding Photographer in Devon- Jodie & Martin

Another wedding photographing somebody I know which is always very special and what a lovely couple Jodie and Martin are. I know Jodie really well as she is an amazing artist herself specialising in bridal hair, so we bump into each other often on the wedding circuit. When you know a couple well it makes it even more of a privilege and honour to be asked to photograph their special day.

It’s been a rather busy Summer so far and have another 8 weddings over the next few weeks before a little family summer break, so really excited to show another full wedding on the blog.

It always varies how much a couple want to get involved in planning their big day, some like to sit back and let venues and planners lay out the plans, and then others like to get more involved. Lets just say that was more the case here…. Martins’s parents are farmers and have had a cow shed on their farm for quite some time and Jodie and Martin came up with the idea to celebrate their wedding in the cow shed. A little crazy I thought at first as most would but boy, did they transform this structure into something quite magical and utterly beautiful. Lots and lots of hard work went into this huge project and loads of friends and family were involved with turning the old cow shed into a lovely barn. They are now setting up the business of hiring the barn out for others to celebrate in and I can highly recommend it.

My next biggest memory of the day was the challenge of taking a full group shot of over 130 guests with no window or elevation of any type. So another great idea, lets send Will up in a cherry picker type cage on the front of a tractor, at first I thought they were joking, but soon realised they weren’t! Hey ho, all good fun especially when you are not too keen on heights;) (resulting picture beneath).

…and then there were the hounds, their lovely 2 boys (love the shot in the Church- look out for that one), I could go on, but instead will stop my talk and let you have a little look at their special day…

Always a pleasure to work with other great suppliers-

The Pop up Salon

Jodie herself, Jodie Lywood Wedding Hair

Dartmouth Ice Cream Company

and The Barn when I have a link:)

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