bride and groom embracing after just getting married during indoor ceremony in black and white

My Approach


I cover and document weddings very naturally in a creative story telling style.



and super relaxed

I like to keep things very simple and completely relaxed, you don’t have to worry about me at all. In fact, I pretty much tell you to ignore me and the camera for the whole day.

I am un-obtrusive, calm and gentle whilst at the same time being very friendly and warm to all your family and guests. I love to laugh too.

Have a little look at what past couples have to say on my testimonials page here and get more of a feel of who I am over on my about me page.

I will record the happiness you and your guests felt on the day, the joy, the laughter, THE FUN; and also the emotion and the tears, all beautifully documented.

Honest Story

of your wedding day

It is never about how I think the wedding day should look, but how it really is. I don’t want to direct and impact on your experience, instead I will photograph how your wedding day felt, capturing the emotions and connections between you and your partner, your family and all your guests.

I really want my shots to be fun too, this is so important as it is such a fun and happy occasion and I will make sure that I document this too. Your guests are so important I know and I want to capture as many images of them as well in a natural and fun environment.


Couple Portraits

Fun and laid-back

creative couple portrait in Devon

With most couples I will have a little walk with the two of you to create some natural beautiful portraits. I want to capture how you interact with each other and allow you to be yourselves. My aim is to always give you something truly amazing and unique that you have never seen before of yourselves.

Again I will not be posing you during these shots, asking you to put your hands on your hip and look wistfully in to the distance. I don’t want to give you the same shots that I took last week either, but instead show how you connect with each other. I will go as far as asking you where to stand so that I can capture the best light and I will have a little chat with you before we go off on a walk.

These shots are a real fun time for you too and a moment where you can relax and enjoy some time with each other.

Beautiful Landscapes

creating environmental portraits

beautiful sunset with bride and groom in silhouette looking out to sea

Landscape photography is another huge love of mine and I get great pleasure with using beautiful scenic backdrops to produce creative portraits of the two of you.

Usually 15 minutes is long enough, but I am very happy to go for longer if you wish and we will discuss this before the day.

If we’re blessed with good weather, I often am although I can’t guarantee it in the contract, it can be lovely to pop off for another quick mooch perhaps after food to grab some early evening shots too and perhaps a sunset- these can be really special!

i love landscapes and especially weddings by the sea.

Group shots

relaxed and fun

Of course I totally understand that most couples will want some group shots and I’m very happy to do this and anything else that you may want, it is your day. Most couples have around 10 formal group shots and I will always ask for a list so that we can move through these as quickly as possible, meaning you can get on with celebrating your day. I will shoot these in a relaxed style, trying to get a smile from everyone involved- I have my special techniques…

and if you don't want any group shots, that's completely fine too, it's your day and I'm happy with whatever you would like.